How do I connect Dreame D9 robot vacuum to alexa via skill Mi Home?

Dreame is a skill that will allow users to bind their Mi ID to the Alexa. After account linked, users will be able to control the Dreame D9 via Alexa.

How do I use Alexa to control Dreame D9?

Note: Make sure your robot is added and online on Mi Home app first.

1. Go to “Skills & Games” then search for “Mi Home or Dreame”.

    2.Enable your Dreame Skill and Link your Mi Home account to Alexa, then discover devices in your Mi Home account that Alexa can control.

      3.If Alexa does not show “discover devices” option, go to setting to discover manually.

        4. Go to devices list and check if the robot appears and now you can use your Alexa smart speakers to start and stop cleaning.

        Note: At present, Alexa smart speaker could only start and stop Dreame D9 robot by skill Dreame.

        Introduce New DREAME D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Australia and New Zealand

        Introduce New DREAME D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Australia and New Zealand

        Following from the popular release of the Dreame F9 from August 2020, Xiaomi is releasing another robot vacuum into its smart home appliance eco-system. The Dreame D9 may look similar to its sibling (F9), but there are quite a lot of differences under the hood.

        Below is a quick comparison between the Dreame D9 and the Dreame F9:


        Dreame D9

        Dreame F9


        Suction Power



        +20% extra power

        Battery Capacity



        Water Tank Capacity



        +35% larger

        Dustbin Capacity



        -5% smaller


        Laser Distance Sensor


        Dual Gyro with time-of-flight sensors

        More accurate navigation, but sacrifice minor portability

        The Dreame D9 is mostly similar in size compared to the F9, 35cm by 35cm, though it is slightly taller at 10cm. This is purposely designed to house the LiDAR navigation system which means greater accuracy in navigation; unlocking advance map memory and room recognition functionality such as multi-room and selected area cleaning, virtual walls, vaccum no-go zones and mop no-go zones.

        Dreame Technology has indicated that the Dreame D9 will have Multi-map support in the near future via firmware update. This will allow Dreame D9 to map and operate on multiple levels within the same house.

        Other key hardware features of the Dreame D9 includes:

        • 4 levels of suction mode with up to 3,000pascal of suction power.
        • 5,200mAh battery for up to 2.5hours of operation time; and extended further when combined with “Smart Top-up” function. This feature enables the Dreame D9 to top-up for more power during a cleaning session; and continue the clean when the appropriate level of battery is reached.
        • A 570ml dustbin and a 270ml smart electric water tank with adjustable water level for more precise mopping.
        • Removable microfiber roller brush can easily be disassembled for easy access to remove tangled hairs and general maintenance.

        The Dreame D9 under the Mi Home app (available on both Android and iOS) comes with all the bells and whistles of a robot vacuum cleaner and more.

        Key features for D9 includes:

        • Map Management, where you can merge, divide and rename areas.
        • Virtual boundaries and restricted area memory, where D9 will remember virtual wall previously set and avoid those restricted areas in future operations. The Dreame D9 comes with a new ‘Mopping No-Go Zone’ feature, where D9 will restrict access to these areas when equipped with the smart water tank; leaving your carpets and rugs refresh and dry.
        • Single-room or multi-room cleaning; note that multi-room cleaning will clean rooms based on the sequence in which you select the rooms.
        • (New) Carpet boost mode, where D9 will recognise carpet areas; and turn on maximum suction power, and automatically resume normal suction after leaving the carpet area.

        The Dreame D9 is a smart robot vacuum that packs more power, more clever features and reliable navigation system. It is a seriously great workhorse for any modern smart home. 

        Dreame unveils Dreame V11 – a worthy successor of one of the best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners

        Dreame unveils Dreame V11 – a worthy successor of one of the best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners

        Powerful, Practical, Portable and Peace of mind are the words that sums up the new Dreame V11!

        Dreame Technology, a smart household appliance company under the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, has announced Dreame V11, the successor of the popular cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame V9. The company has improved the V11 in every aspect from more powerful motor, bigger battery, improved filtration system, all new OLED display and ample mounting accessories to suit all type of cleaning scenarios. The Dreame V11 is available from 17/08/2020 with a recommended retail price of AU$599 from Dreametech official , eBay, Amazon, Kogan, Gearbite.


        Top-Tier Performance

        The V11 introduces the Space 4.0 high-speed motor that boast 125,000 RPM; a 25% higher than performance compare to its predecessor the V9; resulting in better suction power of up to 25,000 Pa (“Pascal”) or 150Aw (“Airwatt”). The Bigger battery size of 3,000mAh (2,500mAh in V9) allows the V11 to operate for up to 90 mins in eco mode, 60mins in medium and 10mins in Turbo mode.

        The filtration system has also been improved significantly with 12-cones cyclone system, up from 8-cones in V9, resulting in superior filtration for cleaner air; and reducing chances of blockage in the motor for sustain high levels of suction power performance. Furthermore, the additional cones greatly reduce the workload of the filter cartridges by 63%, and therefore expanding the lifespan of the filter by more than twice compare to Dreame V9.


        New features & Accessories

        The all-in-one OLED high definition 16 bit colour display is a welcoming new feature of the Dreame V11. The design language is simple, clean and intuitive; making the V11 a breeze to use. It is the place to go to get all the information about the status of V11 from battery level, suction power and device maintenance alert. The lock button on the OLED display is where the finger free operation mode can be enabled.

        You can access the language menu by holding down the “power” button for 3 sec to bring up the language menu; press the “power” button to cycle through to the language of your choice, then hold the “power” button again for 3 sec to confirm and exit the language menu.

        The Dreame V11 comes included with a full range of accessories: soft roller brush, electric mite removal brush, 2-in-1 flat brush, 2-in-1 vertical brush, flexible hose and charging dock.


        The Dreame V11 has improved upon its predecessor in all aspects; from greater suction power; to bigger battery size; enhanced filtration system and all new OLED display. It offers top tier performance at a very competitive price point in the cordless vacuum market.