A Quick Buying Guide for Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A Quick Buying Guide for Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


The best cordless stick vacuum cleaners make you love using them. They’re intended to be lightweight, easy to use on stairs, and lets you clean without having to mind cords and plugging in. Many cordless stick vacuums have improved modern technology. Today’s models showcase different features and capabilities when it comes to quick cleanup. If you’re looking to buy a cordless vacuum, these are the most important things to consider while checking the product specifications. 

Must-have features

  • Accessories. Choose a cordless vacuum with helpful and easy to use accessories — not confusing. Brushes and extensible attachments are great accessories for various cleaning needs. 

  • Modes of operation. Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners offer eco, medium/normal and turbo mode. The “eco” mode is an extended, enduring mode (ideal for longer cleans on all floor types) that runs for 60-90 minutes and is the lowest setting. It’s still good enough to pick up strands of hair or small pieces of paper. This mode is excellent for light cleaning. 

  • The “medium” mode runs for 30 minutes and offers more suction power than the previous setting. This mode is good enough to clean the classic messes on the floor, such as crumbled biscuits and other debris. The “turbo” or “boost” mode runs at maximum power for 10 minutes. This mode is excellent for hard to reach places when combined with the other accessories. It’s designed for intensive cleaning on ground-in dirt. 

  • Size, weight, & height. Cordless vacuums offer a variety of sizes, weight and height to choose from. When picking, consider their size, weight and height to ensure that it is easy to store and you’re comfortable in using the product. 

  • Minimised noise

    Some cordless vacuum cleaners are noisier than others. If noise bothers you, your family members (especially if you have a baby) or pets, pay close attention to the noise levels of the vacuum. The sound of a vacuum cleaner is expressed in decibels. 

    Check how many decibels of noise a vacuum emits. Keep in mind that when you are researching vacuums, you may see the word decibels shortened to the letters dB. Some vacuums offer eight-layer noise reduction technology, so you could easily use them even when someone is asleep. 

    Sufficient running time 

    Cordless vacuum cleaners use rechargeable batteries to power them. The 'run time' refers to how long the vacuum will run on a single charge. Cordless vacuum cleaners with lithium batteries may have a longer running time, but battery times differ depending on the models. 

    Some vacuums can last up to 60-75 minutes before the battery runs empty. Also, lithium-powered vacuums charge more quickly and automatically "shut off" once they are fully charged.   

    A range of effective filters

    The filter is an essential part of your vacuum cleaner as it helps clean the air on the surface that you’re vacuuming, collecting dirt and dust. Filters will need to be changed periodically. Keep this in mind when purchasing a vacuum because some filters are more complex to change than others. 

    Smaller sized vacuum filters will need to be changed more often than larger filters. Good vacuum filters should be easy to remove, clean or replace. If you or your family member have asthma or allergies, consider a vacuum with a HEPA filter. 

    Adequate warranty  

    Many new model cordless vacuums come with a warranty. A warranty is essential if something goes wrong with the vacuum. So before buying one, you need to be aware of what type of warranty it comes with. Make sure the warranty will cover the replacement of various parts just in case your vacuum stops functioning as it should. 

    Product warranty gives comfort to the buyer; an extended warranty period shows that the company has faith in its product. You can also use the warranty period to estimate the vacuum lifespan. Check if the company is offering the industry standard when it comes to warranty. 

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