Are Robot Vacuums Worth it? The Verdict

Are Robot Vacuums Worth it? The Verdict

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Vacuuming is many decades old and sweeping, hundreds of years before that. We all know what it takes to keep a home clean - tools, effort and time. Robot vacuums are challenging this accepted notion by automating the floor cleaning process. You tell them when to clean, where to clean, and how to do it. Then, like magic, it’s done! 

The only problem is that it’s not always that simple. Not every robot vacuum is built the same. Some are expensive and don’t back up their claims. In contrast, others are modern technological marvels. Either way, you need to make sure your purchase is worth the money you invest by weighing up the pros and cons of robot vacuums. Handheld, stick vacuums are still a fantastic option, so let’s take a look if robot vacuums are suitable for you.

Cons to robot vacuum cleaners

  • You need to empty and maintain your robot. Robot vacuums can do almost everything themselves - but unfortunately, not all of it. While they are aware of their battery level and will return to base to recharge themselves, they cannot empty their dust bin. You need to do that for them. Also, inevitably, some parts will need manual replacing. Keep an eye on your robot every few days, and you’ll be good to go.

  • You have to set up your house for it to work. Some vacuums are better than others at avoiding obstacles, stairs and raised surfaces. Considerable barriers are easy for their sensors to detect and prevent, but smaller ones are not. Shoes, toys and pets can often get in the way. Robots learn the setup of your home, so the more things move around, the less reliable and efficient they will be.

  • Less flexibility when cleaning certain areas. Robots are pretty nifty. They can go under some furniture and clean all types of surfaces. However, they are limited to the floor. They can’t clean the surfaces of furniture, and they certainly can’t get into all the nooks and crannies of your home. Keep this in mind; you still might need to do a manual clean every now and then.

  • Pros to robot vacuum cleaners

  • They’re extremely smart. Robots will map your home and will optimise its cleaning route to save time, power and maximise its cleaning efficiency. You can track exactly where the vacuum has been and where you’d like it to clean in future sessions.

  • Control it with the push of a button. No matter where you are, you can set your robot to clean through the convenient mobile app. From its cleaning schedule to its cleaning mode, setting up everything through the app is a massive time-saver and allows you to keep your peace of mind.

  • Set cleaning and no-go zones. Most robot vacuums will store multiple floors and map out each room of your home. Set different cleaning zones for different times and days. You can automate pretty much everything, making it an actual set-and-forget cleaning device.

  • Time savings quickly recoup the cost. Spend more time doing other things. Even if you only manually vacuumed one hour a week, that’s one extra hour you can spend working or with your family - priceless!

  • The result is clear

    It’s up to you to make the call on whether a robot vacuum is worth the investment. However, almost everything points to it being one of the best home purchases you will ever make. If you do your research and purchase the right robot vacuum for your budget and home, it will surely be worth it. Save time and money while delivering a better cleaning result - it’s really that simple. 

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