Seven Surprising Ways to Use a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Seven Surprising Ways to Use a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner has always been an essential item in every household. They are a convenient home appliance which has made the job of cleaning the house really easy.

And over the years, vacuums have improved technology that not only provides powerful cleaning, but it serves other purposes as well. Let’s take a look at some surprising ways to use your stick vacuum cleaner:

Find small items

If you have ever lost or dropped something small like a needle, nail, or earrings and hard to see because it may be under a hard-to-move piece of furniture, grab your vacuum.

Attach your crevice tool or any long, thin attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Pull a stocking or one leg of a pair of pantyhose. Wrap them around the end of the nozzle and tie it using elastic bands. Then turn on your vacuum and go over the area where you dropped the item. The vacuum will suck the item up, and the stocking will hold it in place for you. Do the same thing whenever you need to find small items in different corners of your home.

Minimise indoor allergens

Using your stick vacuum in cleaning is a great way to reduce indoor allergens. Vacuum regularly to improve allergy symptoms. It gets rid of allergy triggers like dust mites and pollen.

“Vacuum cleaners will be most effective if they contain a HEPA filter.”

Keep your windows closed when outdoor allergens are at high levels, then use the dust brush attachment to vacuum window and door screens to remove pollen and dust. Vacuum cleaners will be most effective if they contain a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. These filters are superior at pulling in dust particles.

Freshen indoor air

Besides putting indoor plants around your home, another simple way to freshen your air is to use a vacuum. Before vacuuming, get your essential oil, take a few drops or dip the cotton ball in it. Once done, put the small cotton ball inside your vacuum bag. Then while you clean your home, the aroma of the essential oils will spread across your living space. And in this way, it will freshen up your indoor air.

Remove carpet indentations

It’s good to move your furniture occasionally, especially when seasons are transitioning. Many often change their interiors to give their living space a new look. But if you have carpet in the room, you’re often left with dents. A huge sofa and a heavy centre table can flatten thick-pile carpet and stick around for months afterwards.

Eliminate carpet indentations by just simply placing an ice cube in that area. Allow the ice to melt completely, and let the water will help to re-fluff the carpet fibres. Wait for the carpet to dry for a while, then vacuum the area to remove any trace of the indentation.

Collect excess pet hair

You may have vacuumed the floors to catch those furballs, but what about the hairs in your pets belonging? Vacuum excess pet hair in your pet’s bedding. Remove the pet hair before you toss them in the washer. Excess hair in a washing machine may cause clogs, leaks, and water pumps to fail.

Other brush attachments (included in the accessories or you can purchase) can help groom your pet by brushing and suctioning away their loose fur. However, you need to check if your pet is comfortable with this.

Freshen pillows, mattress, carpets & upholstery

Keeping your mattress, pillows, upholstery and carpets smelling fresh is essential! They’re prone to dust mites, sweat and other allergens. Sprinkle a baking soda over the surface for an hour or two to absorb odours and moisture, then vacuum it up. See great results after. You’ll notice that your fabrics are brighter because the slight abrasive nature of baking soda helps loosen soil and the vacuum whisks it away.

Cleans almost everything

Using a damp cloth and manual brush may take you too long to finish your cleaning task, especially in wide or most traffic areas. Use your stick vacuum to clean the staircase, shelving, sliding doors, window tracks and even your ceilings without the need to carry heavy equipment.

Stick vacuums make the work easy. You’re able to clean up the corners of the staircase, any hard to reach places in your home, and suck up dirt without moving the things (furniture and appliances) from their positions.

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