Five Features Your Robot Vacuum MUST Have

Five Features Your Robot Vacuum MUST Have

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If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you’ve probably been easily overwhelmed by the array of options available. You’ve also likely discovered the modern wonder of the robot vacuum. There are many different types at a wide range of price points - it can definitely be challenging to ascertain which choice is right for you and your home. Is a top of the line robot worth it? It depends entirely on the goals of your purchase. 

A couple with a single level apartment will not need the vacuum capabilities as a family in a three-floor house. Carpets have different requirements than hardwood floors. Pets and children create more mess than an adult household. Regardless of your specific needs, there are five main features that every robot vacuum cleaner must have to make it worthy of your consideration.

Feature #1: Efficient mapping and navigation

It’s 2021; we have the technology - there are no excuses for a poorly behaved robot vacuum. Your vacuum should be able to map your home with no issues and navigate the best route using its onboard sensors. It will track its path and find its way back to its charging station when it needs some juice, or it’s done its dash for the day. 

Feature #2: An effective mobile app

The whole point of a robot vacuum is for it to be an intelligent machine that takes the work out of your hands. Robots work for us to improve our lifestyle. In this context, you need a product that has both the hardware and software to accomplish this goal seamlessly. An integrated mobile app makes using and programming your robot effortless. 

“Our devices should be connected and designed to integrate into our lifestyle.”

Without an intuitive interface, accessible from anywhere, how are you really in control? Set the cleaning times of your vacuum remotely and let it do its thing, even if you’re not there to supervise. This also plays into the meta-theme of the smart home - our devices should be connected and designed to integrate into our lifestyle.

Feature #3: Multiple cleaning modes

Your robot vacuum needs more than just one monotone voice. Some advanced vacuums will automatically detect and scale up their power depending on the surface they are traversing. Why this isn’t a necessity, it sure is a nice bonus. Perhaps you would rather your robot clean while the family sleeps to avoid any distractions. Set up quiet mode and enjoy the peace, waking up to a clean home every morning.

Feature #4: Zone control and selective areas

The best robot vacuums utilise their app integration and mapping ability to present a digital floorplan of your cleaning area. You can then interact with the map, set zones and pick and choose which areas you want to be cleaned and when. Some robots also let you set up virtual ‘walls’ that allow you to segment smaller regions or parts of rooms for extra flexibility.

Feature #5: Mopping functionality

Okay, this feature isn’t entirely a ‘must-have’, but once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. Most of us have genuinely forgotten the magic of the mop. It’s cumbersome, it’s inconvenient, and too often, we just don’t want to get out hands dirty. Smart manufacturers realise this and have packed a mop into their robot vacuums. Vacuums with a mop feature carry a water tank which you fill-up, and re-usable mop attachments you'll need to wash and replace every now and then. If your prospective vacuum has a mop attachment, you’re surely onto a winner!

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