How Your Robot Vacuum Impacts Your Home’s Air Quality

How Your Robot Vacuum Impacts Your Home’s Air Quality

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We don’t often think deeply about why we do certain things, such as vacuuming our floors. Sure, it IS to keep our floors looking clean. But, it’s also much more than just that. Removing dirt and debris has many health benefits beyond just being nicer to look at. If you have pets, you’ll know how annoying hair build-up is - it can cause allergies and discomfort. In general, reducing dust particles is a great idea to avoid harmful asthma symptoms or similar allergies.

So, is your current vacuuming routine helping you achieve a cleaner air environment? If you feel like there’s something missing from your vacuum, there probably is. Older (or cheaper, lower-quality) vacuums may actually be causing more harm than good. Instead of filtering out excess dust, your vacuum may instead be ejecting it straight into the air again - making the problem worse than it was before cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do about it.

Why a vacuum may make your air quality worse

The quality of filtration in a vacuum cleaner matters as much as its motor’s power or any other fancy feature. Top vacuum cleaners, including the robot vacuum variety, will make use of a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for ‘high-efficiency particulate air’ and represents the best filter money can buy when it comes to everyday appliances. 

“Dust and allergens can escape the filter before they reach the filter. Make sure the vacuum is a ‘sealed system.”

Does your current vacuum have a HEPA filter? Take a look and see. HEPA filters are incredibly effective and filter out almost all particles from the air, improving your air quality. Some vacuums advertise their filters as ‘HEPA-like,’ in other words, not HEPA quality at all. In addition to the filter, debris, dust, and allergens can escape the filter before they reach the filter. If a vacuum is of lower build quality, their internal systems can’t be sealed, and leaks may occur.


Ensure your vacuum is helping your air quality

There are three main elements to consider to ensure your current system or a new prospective purchase, is up to the job:

  • Proof. As discussed above, HEPA filtration and sealed systems are everything when it comes to maximising your air quality. The manufacturer should be able to prove that they are using up-to-standard filters and build quality. Check reviews and see what others are saying about the vacuum in question.

  • No odours. Smells after cleaning are a sign that your vacuum is emitting unwanted dust and other particles into your air. Pay attention; there should be little-to-no odours in the air after vacuuming.

  • Price. You usually get what you pay for, although there are always great deals to be found. Paying up to get a superior product will pay off in the long run. Your families health is more important than any price tag, so investing in a quality vacuum that maximises your air quality is the way to go.

  • Choosing the correct type of vacuum cleaner

    There are many types of vacuums out there, stick, cordless, handheld, robots… and while they all do a great job, there’s one that stands out above the rest when it comes to maximising air quality.

    Robot vacuums offer an excellent solution. Program them to run daily, if needed, in specific areas of your home that collect the most dust and debris. Daily cleaning is a luxury that not many of us can manage with a manual vacuum. It ensures that dust never really builds up. 

    Better yet, superior robots have a built-in mop function that destroys dust on hard floors. Run your robot vacuum and mop a few times a week, with a manual clean (for any particular finicky areas missed) every week for the best air quality results.

    Air quality is an underrated component of our health. Set your standards higher with a quality robot vacuum and cleaning routine. Dreame is Australia’s newest robot vacuum brand, with all the features you need to keep your home clean at an affordable price point. Life is about living, not slaving away to keep a tidy living area. Let Dreame robot vacuums take the work out of an old school chore. Check out our range of innovative vacuums today.