The Top 6 Reasons You Should Switch to a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Top 6 Reasons You Should Switch to a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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We all like to live in a fresh, clean space and a vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools for keeping your floors and furniture tidy. Throughout the years, vacuum cleaning has always been a necessity in every home as it helps you clean in a most convenient way. And nowadays, homeowners have a vast range of options to choose from. One of these options is the cordless vacuum. Haven’t tried this before? Here are the reasons why you should switch to a cordless vacuum cleaner: 


Reason #1: Lightweight and easy to carry 

Many cordless vacuum cleaners are lighter than standard vacuums, making them easy to carry around the house for quick on-the-spot vacuuming and bringing them up the stairs. This is also helpful for elderly users, who may find it hard to use and carry bulky, heavy equipment, and shouldn’t risk falling from tripping over power cords.

They also have ergonomic handles for easier  use while cleaning up. The type of handle and quality of the grip will vary depending on the model, but they’re all easy to hold and carry around your home.

Reason #2: Easy to use and store 

Since cordless vacuums are lightweight and easy to carry, their design offers convenience and manoeuvrability when cleaning. Another thing is, slim "stick" vacuums feature a smaller, detachable and easy-to-wash canister. And some cordless vacuums are also compact to store because they can be mounted on the wall. 

It is also a great way to get your kids to work and clean up the mess they make. It will help take off some of the chores from your to-do list. Kids and seniors can use them with minor complications. A cordless vacuum cleaner has simple buttons to operate. 

Reason #3: No tripping hazards 

There’s improved safety in battery-powered vacuum cleaners than vacuums with cords since no cables lie on the floor to cause tripping. It’s easy to use in furniture-crowded places or rooms, like the dining room at home or in restaurants.  

And if you have seniors and young children at home, the consequences of a trip can be severe. Cordless vacuum cleaners use safe batteries these days that carry less risk of an electric shock from worn or damaged cords or plugs.  

Reason #4: Convenience for quick clean-ups 

In case you have an unexpected guest coming over, a quick cleaning can be achieved with a cordless vacuum cleaner! It saves you the trouble of looking for power points and carrying multiple components in every room— particularly in high traffic locations. 

Once the cleaning is done, you can simply store it instead of struggling to manage the cord. Just don’t forget to charge the battery quickly.          

Reason #5: Can go where other vacuums can’t 

Because you don’t have to worry about a cord getting tangled or caught up on something while you’re carrying the vacuum, you can literally bring them and clean them anywhere! And since they’re also lightweight, you can lift them and clean your upholstery, nooks and bookshelves easily. You can take care of hard-to-reach places without getting achy arms.

Trying to clean under furniture? Cordless vacuum attachments can efficiently help you reach difficult-to-see areas. A cordless model is great for outdoor use, too, like cleaning your car or vacuuming your entryway. It can also be used in an attic or crawlspace. Going to the beach? Bring it along with you so you can quickly clean off the sand from your gear, as well as the sand that makes it inside of your car. 

Reason #6: Saves energy 

A cordless vacuum only draws energy when they are charging. They use less energy than models with a cord. It’s easy to save power and energy because cordless vacuum cleaners use batteries. The trade-off is that you need always to make sure the battery is well charged or else you can’t use them. 

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