Why a robot vacuum is a Dreame come true

Why a robot vacuum is a Dreame come true

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What is your dream? Is it more time with family and friends? Spending less time on work? Being outdoors more? Learning a new language or skill? Whatever your dream is, I’d put good money on betting it revolves around time. Time seems to be the one thing we all need more of, and one thing we have to actively source.

For this reason, Dreame is a dream come true - excuse the cheesy play on words. Here’s why Dreame is the key to achieve your latest goals and New Years resolution. 

Reason #1: Getting time back 

There are many necessary activities in your day that take up certain amounts of time, for example; brushing your teeth, having a shower, cooking your food, getting dressed, walking to the bus stop, etc. These tasks all have one thing in common, they are manual. Because each of these activities requires manual labour from you in order to be completed, they cannot be automated. A simple trick in life, one that many high-net worth and productive individuals such as Elon Musk have understood and adopted, is that automation is the key to freedom. I know I know, you must be thinking ‘woah, that’s a big statement!’, but it’s true. We as a society have advanced so significantly in terms of technological capabilities. We no longer have to do mundane tasks like put a key in the car, or manually input our passcode on our phones. Automation, although to a certain extent may be daunting, is a huge time saver as it alleviates us from having to do things that don’t actually need our manual attention or input.

This is what Dreame robotic vacuums do for you. Instead of spending your precious time cleaning your home, or worrying about dust and allergies, you can pass on this mundane task to the robotic vacuum - who, let’s be honest, does it way better anyway. With advanced suction power, auto-object detection, self-cleaning, and a corresponding app, you don’t need to decide between spending time achieving your goals or keeping your home clean and tidy. These incredible features and modern cleaning tool is a small automation uptake that has a significant impact on your daily, weekly, monthly, annual time spent. 

Reason #2: Stress reduction  

There are so many things in life that cause stress, too many to count. If you’re like me, then you can relate to the statement ‘everything is stressful’. Work is stressful, being on time is stressful, having guests over is stressful, making sure your family and friends get home safe is stressful. 

We as human beings are highly emotive, and because of our sophisticated cognitive function, can become overwhelmed incredibly easily. The cause may be small, but the reaction can have significant effects on our mood, wellbeing, and mental health. 

This is where automation comes in, yet again. Automating tasks alleviates us of stress over the specific activity that is being taken care of - it’s one thing less for us to think about and stress over. Don’t get me wrong, when technology doesn’t work it can be stressful, but with a warranty in place and a fantastic customer service team in place, this can always be solved with minimal stressful impacts. For this reason, again, a robotic vacuum is a serious dream come true.

Spontaneously decide to invite people over? No problem, quickly clean your home using your app that signals the robotic vacuum. Need more time getting ready before dinner? No problem, turn on the robotic vacuum and let it do it’s thing whilst you find your outfit. Partner forgot to hang the washing like you asked? No problem, kill two birds with one stone whilst and turn the vacuum on whilst you hang the washing. You may not realise it but cleaning takes up so much of your time, simply in smaller increments. It’s like a hidden killer! 

Reason #3: Who doesn’t love a clean home?

Is there any better feeling than feeling confident when walking barefoot in your home? No need to worry about getting dusty feet, or stepping in messes. Not only does the robotic vacuum improve your everyday living and wellbeing, but it also improves the air quality within your house, and keeps your home clean and tidy for you… ensuring you always feel at home when you come home. 

I could go on and on all day about how robotic vacuums are the easiest and quickest way to improve your day-to-day, or, you could just purchase one and tell me what you think. Regardless of what your true dream is, regardless of the style and magnitude or your aspiration, you need to be the one to put in place the stepping stones to achieve it… and it all starts with working smarter and not harder. We live in the 21st century, it’s 2021! We live in a tech society, it’s time you start using technologically to your advantage and focusing on things that matter most to you.