Why Can a Robot Vacuum Replace a Traditional Vacuum?

Why Can a Robot Vacuum Replace a Traditional Vacuum?

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Robot vacuums, like Dreame products, are a fantastic modern invention that promises a clean home with minimal effort. Within a click of a button, or a swipe on the accompanying app, the advanced tech is cleaning little dust bunnies and, if it’s a vacuum and mop robot, wet messes. No power cords and no heavy lifting.

However, with all the convenience robot vacuums offer, the question remains; can a robot vacuum really replace a traditional, hand held, vacuum? 

Now, although some cleaning chores will remain as your robot vacuum can’t clean your kitchen benchtops or clear out your fridge (yet), a robot vacuum is legitimately impressive. Especially if you have carpet floors or wooden floors.

Suction power 

To begin, the efficacy of robot vacuums was questioned in their early days due to their suction power. Some people believed the ideal cleaning routine would be to use a robot vacuum every other day and go over the floors with a traditional vacuum on the weekend to make sure no spots were missed. But, that was before technology advanced! And we all know how quickly technology advances in the 21st century… Nowadays, robot vacuums have ultimate suction power, ensuring the ‘all clean in one pass’ claim is nothing short of factual. Deep cleaning was taken to a whole new level when companies merged the functionality of a vacuum, mop, and robot. This development created an all in one robot that can clean both dry and wet messes. Dust bunnies? Spilled cereal? No problems.

In our books, this sets the score as: Robots: 1, Traditional: 0. 

Object detection

Another argument against robot vacuums in their new days was the concern of object detection. Honestly, who’s house doesn’t have toys or plants on the floor? Especially if you have pets or babies. Due to this concern, the ability to get every crook and crannies was questioned, and passionate cleaners recommended using a traditional hand-held vacuum every other day to eliminate the risk of dust build up. However, technological enhancements have proved to us once again that there’s nothing tech can’t overcome. Using laser sensitivity and laser detection, robot vacuums are able to detect objects and clean the space around the obstructions… without ever touching the object. Not to mention floor mapping! Whether you have a one story, two story, or three story house, the robot smartly remembers the layout of the floor so it doesn’t injure itself by falling down the stairs. Wouldn’t it be nice to never miss a step? We humans can only wish. 

Let’s relate back to our scoreboard: Robots: 2, Traditional: 0. 

Surface Type 

I bet by this point you’re thinking, ‘I gotta get me one of these robot vacs!’. You wouldn’t be wrong, but wait, there’s more. 

To date, the versatility of a robot vacuum has been questioned. You know how you have to use different cleaning utensils on different floor surfaces? Of course you do, we’re all familiar with this painful switch. Cleaning lovers previously questioned whether a smart vacuum was worth the investment due to having multiple floor surfaces in their home. Tiles, wooden floors, carpet, rugs, etc. How could it be worth investing in a smart vac if you’d need to do the heavy lifting yourself on certain surface types? Well, well, well. Us doubters have been proven wrong once again. 

Robot vacs are now expert vacuumers and moppers. With auto-surface detection, your smart vac can determine what surface it’s cleaning and deep clean accordingly. Switching between vacuuming, mopping, and a combination of the both! This eliminates the stress of certain areas being missed and once again reduces the amount of manual input required to keep your home clean. 

Scoreboard time? We think so. Robots: 3, Traditional: 0. 


Finally, the ultimate sub point to today's overarching question. This is a question that you, and you alone, can answer. 

How important is your time? 

What would you sacrifice for more time in your day? 

By now you’ve understood the multi-benefits a robot vac can offer you; clean floors with minimal hard work, auto-detection so no objects are harmed during the process of cleaning, and ding ding… more time! 

The tech advancements of a smart vacuum, a.k.a robot vacuum, empowers us humans to do what we do best - living our life. That means more time outdoors, more time with the family, and less time on the fleeting weekend spent doing mundane household chores. With the time you spent reading this article you could’ve ordered your robot vacuum online and kickstarted your carefree days. So my question to you is, what’s stopping you? If you need a little more information to make up your mind, we’ve got you covered. Check this out.