Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto Empty Dock - Available to order 1st November 2021 New

Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto Empty Dock - Available to order 1st November 2021 New

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The Z10 Pro is a robot vacuum with a difference. We believe keeping your home should be as effortless and hands-off as possible. The internal dust tank empties itself after every clean into the built-in dust bag and charging dock. The antibacterial dust bag is sealed on its own and stores up to 4L of dust and debris, meaning you only have to empty it yourself every 65 days.

Beyond effortless dust management, the Z10 Pro packs everything you’d expect from a top-end robot vacuum and much more. The powerful motor is backed by an efficient battery generating 4,000Pa of solid suction and 150 minutes of runtime. It mops, too, with a large 150ml water tank that intelligently supports three water flow levels, spraying the perfect amount. 

The Z10 Pro uses its upgraded LiDAR system to cast thousands of laser points per second to measure its surroundings and build maps in real-time, storing up to 3 floors. It uses the same approach to avoid household clutter and obstacles, making each clean as autonomous and stress-free as possible. It detangles hair like a comb, and it adjusts power when it senses carpets - it’s just such a joy to use.
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    Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

    Get it all done,
    Once every 65 days.
    Available to order 1st November 2021 


    Dust Bag

    Dust Tank


    Water Tank

    Get it all done, once every 65 days.

    Get no dirt on hands with the dust bag being sealed on its own. The 4L (1gal) dust bag could hold
    up to more than two months of dust and debris, which is 10X of its original dust tank.

    Empties itself after cleaning.

    The dust tank will be emptied after every cleaning. Using the circulation of the air, the dock will
    suck the debris out of the tank in a more efficient way.

    Effortlessly moves in your home.

    Intelligently learns your home.

    The upgraded LiDAR system casts thousands of invisible laser points per second to measure surroundings and rebuild maps in real-time, which could store up to 3 floorplans.

    Ingeniously avoids household clutter.

    The high precision 3D scanners emit laser to measure the precise distance between objects and the sensors, which could automatically identify objects such as furniture, cable, slippers and avoid them intelligently in advance.

    Cleans up dust and hairs.

    Extra power for dust you hardly see.

    The finest dust will not merely stay on the surface of your carpets. Z10 Pro grabs indiscernible dust with a suspension-designed brush and auto-adjust max suction* on the carpet. 5,200mAh large-capacity battery allows it to work up to 2.5 hours.

    Detangles the hairs, like a comb.

    The upgraded brush roll of Z10 Pro combines the advantages of a v-shaped bristle brush and rubber brush into one, which easily grabs the hair and reduces clogging up.

    Detects, Recognizes and Moves.

    Cleans along the edge.

    Crosses over multiple surfaces.

    Avoids falling off.

    Every drop is under your control.

    With the 150ml (0.04gal)* water tank, Z10 Pro supports 3 levels of water flow and sprays the right
    amount of water for different areas to avoid leaking and over-wetting of the floor.

    Customize your cleaning from anywhere.

    Send the requests in the palm of your hand, and the bot will do the work for you.

    Compatible with Alexa.

    Package List

    Main Body

    Main Body

    Charging Dock

    Water Tank

    Mop Cloth

    Cleaning Tool

    Charging Dock

    Charging Dock

    Water Tank

    Mop Cloth

    Cleaning Tool


    Product NameDreame Bot Z10 Pro
    Product Dimension353 x 350 x 96.8mm (13.89 x 13.78 x 3.81 inches)
    Connection TypeWi-Fi 2.4GHz
    Rated Input 220-240V
    Rated Power46W
    Battery Capacity 5,200mAh
    Dust Tank Capacitiy400ml (0.1gal)
    Water Tank Capacitiy150ml (0.04gal)
    Product NameAuto-empty Base
    Product Dimension353 x 350 x 96.8mm (13.89 x 13.78 x 3.81 inches)
    Rated Input220-240V~50-60 Hz
    Rated Output19.8 V===1 A
    Rated Power800W