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Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto Empty Dock

Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto Empty Dock

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Looking for a completely automated day-to-day robotic vacuum? You’ve found it. With its 2.5L dust bin, the dreame D10 Plus keeps your house clean for up to 45 days without any hands-on assistance. This dry and wet vacuum doesn’t miss any dust debris or strands of hair, making it the perfect assistant.

The dreame D10 Plus contains powerful deep suction technology that is automatically adjusted based on the surface - ensuring a deep clean on both carpet and timber. It can take the dreame D10 Plus as little as 8 minutes to map out the outlay of your home, paired with its advanced object detection, the robotic vacuum won’t miss any areas that need attention and will easily avoid all obstacles - such as furniture and piles of clothes.

With its built-in voice control, you can start or stop a clean with a single word. Now for the best part - the dreame D10 Plus cleans both dry and wet messes - first, it will vacuum crumbs and dust, then it will mop to enhance the shine of your floors. All features have been carefully considered to enable you to spend more time doing what you love whilst still coming home to a clean home.

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Cleans away for 45 days.

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  • 4,000pa

  • 2.5L
    Dust Bag

  • 5,200mAh

  • 400ml
    Dust Tank

  • 145ml
    Water Tank

45 days* of hands-off cleaning.

Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably. No need to empty the dust box after every cleanup. Automatically empties dirt into a 2.5L sealed bag to provide up to 45 days* of totally hands-free cleaning—without fine dust floating up into the air.

*45 days: Based on the environment test of Dreame's lab and calculations of cleaning 120m² per cleaning session, during which it should collect about 100mL of dust. Under these conditions and performing one cleaning session 4 times each week, it takes 45 days for the dust bag to be full. Actual performance may vary depending on real world environment and usage.

Maximum collection, minimum disruption.

Quietly and thoroughly empties the robot's dustbin in just seconds to minimize disruption and maximize cleaning time.DualBoost technology provides efficient dust collection by blowing and suction via two air circulation paths to take in the dirt, remove and lock in odors, and prevent clogging.

High-performance LiDAR navigation.

Accurately maps your home in as little as 8 minutes* and avoids obstacles for effective, efficient cleaning, especially in rooms with more closely spaced furniture.Scans an 8-meter radius and uses LiDAR navigation and a SLAM algorithm for dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning.

*8 minutes: Based on Dreame environmental mapping lab testing, it take 8 minutes to construct a 100m² floor plan in fast mapping mode. Actual performance may vary depending on real world environment and usage.

Hair-raising vacuuming.

Powerful, automatically adjusted suction digs deep into carpets and thoroughly cleans hard flooring topick up dirt, debris, hair, fur, and more—fantastic for homes with pets.Intelligent carpet detection that adjusts suction pressure accordingly up to a max 4,000Pa and a main brush roller design combine for deep, effective cleaning.

Manage your water.

Set your water usage to wash your floors exactly the way you want.Choose from three water volume options to control water usage and mop dampness according to how dirty the floor is for robust, efficient cleaning.

Cleans longer.

Covers more space on a single charge for maximum coverage and convenience.The 5,200mAh large-capacity battery provides ample power for continuous, large-scale cleaning up to 270m² *

*270m² : Tested by Dreame lab, actual performance will vary based on different home environments

Cleans at your command.

Voice control allows you to just say the word to start, pause, or stop your robot and make automatic cleaning even more hands-off.Supports Alexa and Google Home to put automatic cleaning at the tip of your tongue.

Package List

Dreame D10 Plus

Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop

Mop Pad
Dust Bin
Power Cord
Side Brush
Main Brush
Dust Collection Bag

Specifications of D10 Plus

Product Dimensions

349 × 350 × 96.3mm

Battery Capacity


Dust Bin


Water Tank Volume


Connection Type

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Dust Collection Base

Product Dimensions


Dust Bag Capacity


Rated Input


Rated Output


Battery Capacity


Rated Power