Unauthorised Resellers

Unauthorised resellers appearing as Dreame affiliates

It has recently been brought to Dreame's attention that certain websites have presented themselves as affiliates of the brand. We would like to advise all our valuable customers against using such websites, as Dreame does not operate with any alternative resellers.

For clarity, Dreame (together with its affiliates, ‘Dreame’) entirely conduct business in Australia via the below websites:

  • dreame.com.au
  • Accredited online retail marketplace websites operated by third parties such as eBay.com.au, Amazon.com.au, Catch.com.au, appliancesonline.com.au 

For further clarity, please be advised the following websites are not related to Dreame:

  • www.gearbite.com.au

We would also like to emphasise that the aforementioned websites have unauthorised use of Dreame's name and logo to represent official Dreame Australian products, and mislead Dreame consumers of selling official Australian models with local manufacturers warranty.

We are disheartened to acknowledge those in charge of the above operations are partaking in grey import activities, with the intent of misleading visitors and loyal customers of Dreame.

Please note, Dreame’s only official websites are:

  • www.dreame.com.au

We advise against purchasing any products from unofficial Dreame sites, and disclosing any personal information.

We assure you, purchases and personal information disclosures made on Dreame’s official websites are subject to the terms, conditions, and responsibility of legitimate operations of an accredited online marketplace. However, we cannot assure the same compliance measures are undertaken on unauthorised websites.

We are currently working to remove the disruption to our business operations, with the ambition of relieving our consumers of confusion and misrepresentations.

As a final statement, please appreciate that Dreame  will not bear any responsibility if you purchase or use a Dreame product not intended for Australia, or from unofficial marketplaces of the business. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to email our support team at customercare@dreame.com.au