Dreame W10 Robot and Vacuum FAQ


Why does the network connection fail for Dreame W10? How to deal with it?

1. Dreame W10 only supports a 2.4G Wi-Fi network. 5G Wi-Fi is not supported. Make sure the robot and your phone are close to the router with strong Wi-Fi signals.

2. When connecting to the hot spot of Dreame W10, return to the Mi Home app to wait for connection result after hearing the voice report.

3. Ensure the location permission of the app has been enabled before the network connection.

4. Failure to enable the permission will result in connection failure. If the network still fails, please try to restart the host and router.

What should I do if the W10 fails to charge?

Please clean the charging interface of the Base and the robot if there is any dust on it, as dust may result in charging failure.

What should I pay attention to before cleaning with Dreame W10?

Make sure the W10 is fully charged before cleaning. Tidy up the space, put away fragile items and objects on the floor before cleaning.

Do I need to charge the W10 for 16 hours for the first three tasks?


How long could the W10 work?

Quiet Mode: Approximately 210mins.

Standard Mode: Approximately 180mins.

Strong Mode: Approximately130mins.

Turbo Mode: Approximately 60mins.

Do I need to update the firmware whenever there is a new version released?

Each version of the new firmware is an optimization. Try to check the latest firmware version often and update in time to ensure the best cleaning experience.

Why does W10 start to clean the next zone before finishing the current one?

After the first mapping, Dreame W10 will clean your home by room. If this issue occurs, check the zones in the app and adjust accordingly if any zoning errors are found.

Why does W10 repeat its cleaning path?

Dreame W10 will follow the most effective cleaning path to clean your home. It may look repetitive when the robot navigates itself from the cleaned area to an uncleaned one, but it is not repeating the work.

Can Dreame W10 clean narrow spaces?

The minimum width for W10 to pass through is 38 cm. Any spaces narrower than this number is not available for W10 to clean.

Will the cleaning efficacy of W10 drop when cleaning a complicated environment

W10 will clean all corners in your home to ensure full coverage. In a complex environment, W10 turns to make more turns and vacuums along the edges, which may result in decreased efficiency.

How to reduce the noise of W10 during cleaning

To optimize cleaning results, W10 features a fan motor with higher suction power, so the noise is slightly louder than the previous products. To reduce the noise, you can switch to a quieter Silent mode for cleaning.

Why does W10 make strange sounds during cleaning?

When cleaning on tile or wood floor, W10 may produce a slight sound when its bottom rubs on the floor. W10 will clean and sweep the joins on the floor as it passes through, which may produce a slight rattling sound. These are all normal sounds and will not affect cleaning results.

What should I do if the Dreame W10 is trapped during cleaning

When cleaning, the W10 may get stuck by slippers, plastic bags, and another household clutters. Remove the clutters and put W10 back to the cleaned area close to the interrupted point. Please clean up clutters on the floor to prevent the robot from getting stuck during cleaning.

What should I do if the Dreame W10 gets stuck when trying to pass through a narrow space?

W10 may get stuck when it tries to clean a narrow space, for example, the bottom of a closet that is close to its height. Magnetic stripes are provided to help set a virtual wall or you can block the narrow space with an obstacle to prevent W10 from entering.

What should I do if the side brush or main brush is entangled during cleaning

When cleaning, the side brush and main brush may be entangled by power cords or charging cables on the floor. Please try to place the host in the cleaned area nearby to continue cleaning after tidying up the wires. Please clean up clutters on the floor to prevent the robot from tangling during cleaning.

What should I do if the W10 is entangled with the power cord of the Base during cleaning

Tie the excessive power cord of the Base with a strap before cleaning. Do not put it on the floor.

Why does W10 reclean an area after being moved

If the W10 is moved during cleaning, it will perform repositioning. If repositioning is successful, W10 will continue cleaning, and if repositioning fails, W10 will re-clean this area.

Why does W10 fail to reposition itself

Moving W10 to an uncleaned area will cause repositioning failure. Ensure W10 is moved to a cleaned area.

If a person is standing next to the W10, it will fail to reposition itself.

Do not stand next to W10 and ensure the camera has full access to all feature points in the room.

W10 may fail to reposition itself in low lights. Please ensure sufficient light for repositioning.

What is the max height of obstacles W10 can cross?

The W10 can cross obstacles up to 18mm high.

Why does W10 fail to decelerate in the face of obstacles

The W10 is equipped with an LDS laser sensor to detect obstacles and decelerate in advance. However, for dark table legs or short obstacles, a collision may occur as W10 is not able to detect them.

Why does W10 collide with the walls when vacuuming along the edges

Dreame W10 has a built-in wall sensor to keep a certain distance from the wall when cleaning along the edge. Due to the influence of different colors and limited range, it is normal for W10 to collide with the wall edges a few times when encountering black walls or edges lower than its height.

How to deal with device errors of Dreame W10?

Press the Power/Clean button and hold for 6 seconds to restart.

Why does W10 fail to power on?

W10 cannot turn on in a low battery status. Please connect it with the Base for charging before use. Also, do not use W10 in temperatures below 0℃ or over 50℃.

Why does W10 fail to charge

Ensure the Base is connected with the power supply and the cable is properly connected to both ends. Clean the dust on the charging interface of the Base and the robot.

Why does the battery decrease rapidly during cleaning

After W10 is charged and stored for a long time, it is normal for the battery to drop quickly in the first few minutes during cleaning. After this, the power consumption will return to normal. The battery will also drop faster in Turbo mode.

Does W10 consume any power when connected with the Base

When connecting with the Base, W10 is powered by the Base, while the built- in the battery of W10 will enter sleep mode with minimum power consumption to keep itself in the best performance.

Why does W10 fail to return to the Base?

Check if there are too many obstacles around the Base. Put the Base in an open area free of obstacles within 0.5 m on both sides and 1.5 meters in front of the Base.

If W10 does not start from the Base for cleaning, it may fail to find the Base after finishing up. Therefore, please ensure W10 starts cleaning from the Base.

Moving W10 to an uncleaned area will cause repositioning failure. In this case, restart the task.

Why does W10 keep trying to connect after returning to the Base?

Please check whether the Base and the charging pad of the W10 are stained with dust. W10 will repeat Baseing in this situation. Please wipe off the dust before use.

Is the dust compartment difficult to open?

Please refer to the marking on the compartment cover to open the dust compartment correctly. Do not open the compartment by removing the filter.

How to mop stubborn stains on the floor?

W10 may not be able to remove the most stubborn stains on the floor. Please clean them manually.

Why is the floor still dirty after mopping

Please adjust the self-clean frequency via the App.

Why do I fail to install the mop pad properly?

Align the mop pad with the module before installation.

Why do I smell odor from the mop and dust compartment?

Odor is caused by a dirty mop that is not washed in time after cleaning. Please clean the rag in time after mopping the floor.

The dust compartment may also emit odor with liquid getting inside.Please clean the dust compartment in time after cleaning.

Why does W10 fail to do the scheduled cleaning

The Schedule cleaning will only work when the battery is over 15%.

Why does W10 fail to resume cleaning after recharging itself?

Make sure the W10 is not working in the DND period. If you actively command it to return or manually move it back to the Base, W10 will not resume cleaning either.

Why does the performance of W10 fade with missed debris on the floor

Clean the dust compartment if it is full; Clean the filter clogged with dust; Clean the main brush if it is tangled with foreign matters.

Can W10 operate in a low-light environment

Yes. LDS sensor normally works without lights.

Why do I fail to update the firmware of W10?

Make sure the remaining battery of W10 is over 15% before updating. Check network connection.

Why does Mi Home fail to load the cleaning data?

Check network connection; Restart the app and try again.

Why does Mi Home indicates that the robot is offline

Please make sure the robot is turned on and the Wi-Fi connection is stable. During the cleaning, the robot might be offline when the Wi-Fi network connection is weak in some areas. It will be back online automatically when the Wi-Fi signal is strong.

Why does the robot could not connect to the self-wash base?

Check if the robot is turned on;

During cleaning, the robot might lose connection with the base station when they are too far from each other; Reboot the base and wait for the robot to connect to the base.

Why does the robot make a strange noise

The main brush, side brush, or main wheels may be entangled with hair or debris. Turn off the robot and clean it.

Why does the robot turn off automatically

The robot will turn off automatically when the battery is less than 2% or when it is not charging and has no operations in 12 hours.

Will the robot keep charging when the base display is off?

Yes, the robot will keep charging once it is connected to the base, and the base connects to the power successfully.

Why do I smell the odor from the self-wash base?

Odor is caused by the waste tank that is not washed in time after cleaning. Please clean the waste tank in time after mopping the floor. The mop-pod washboard may also emit odor with liquid getting inside. Please clean it in time after 2-3 times mopping.

Why does the robot fail to react when operating from the base

When the robot is too far from the base, it will lose the connection. It will automatically connect back when the signal strength is stable.

Why does the W10 fail to avoid some obstacles

To improve the cleaning performance, it is suggested to clean items such as threads/rags/slippers on the floor in advance.

How to adjust the humidity of the mop pod

Launch the device via Mi home App and adjust the humidity of the mop pod in cleaning mode.

Installation and Maintenance

How to use the Base?

Place the Base against the wall on the level floor, and keep a space of more than 0.5 meters on both sides of the Base. Connect the plug to a power socket. For a better app control experience, make sure the Base is connected to Wi-Fi.

Note: To prevent water stains from wetting wood floors or carpets, the self-wash base is recommended to be placed on tile floors or marble floors.

How to charge Dreame W10?

Press the power button and hold. When the indicator turns solid, Dreame W10 will automatically connect with the Base for charging. Note: Dreame W10 may fail to turn on in low battery status. Please connect the robot with the Base manually.

How to mop with Dreame W10?

How to maintain the water tank?

How does Dreame W10 return to the Base for charging?

After cleaning, W10 will automatically return to the Base for charging, in pause status, press the Base button for charging, the buttons will flash slowly when charging.

Orange flashes indicate power 15%, and white flashes indicate power > 15%.
Tip: If the W10 fails to return to the Base, it will automatically return to the starting
point of cleaning. Please manually put the robot back to the Base for charging.

How to clean the main brush of Dreame W10?

1. Face the bottom of W10 up, press the buckle to remove the main brush protector.

2. Take out the main brush by pulling upward and clean the bearing.

3. Remove the end cover at both sides of the main brush to clean the tangled hair.

4. Cut off the tangled hair on the main brush with the cleaning tool in the box.

5. Install the main brush and press the buckles to fix the protector.

Tip: It is recommended to clean the main brush every week and replace it every 6-12 months for a better cleaning result.

How to clean the dust compartment and filter of Dreame W10?

How to clean the driving wheels of Dreame W10?

1. Turn the robot over and pull the driving wheels upward.

2. Clean the hair and dirt on the wheels and axles.

3. Reinstall the wheels by pressing them firmly down.

How to clean the side brush of Dreame W10?

1. Turn over the robot, pull out the side brush and clean it up as shown below.

2. Reinstall the side brush.

Tip: It is recommended to clean the side brush once a month and replace it every 3-6 months for a better cleaning performance.

How to clean the mop of Dreame W10?How to do other Routine Maintenance of the Dreame W10?How to do the firmware upgrade for Dreame W10?How to restore to factory settings with Dreame W10?

How to clean the mop of Dreame W10?

How to do other Routine Maintenance of the Dreame W10?

Wipe sensors and charging contacts of the robot by using a soft, dry cloth:

  • Cliff sensors at the bottom of the robot
  • Charging contacts at the back of the robot
  • Return-to-base sensor at the front of the robot
  • Bumper at the front of the robot
  • LDS on the top of the robot

How to do the firmware upgrade for Dreame W10?

It can be done by Mi Home APP(please make sure the Dreame W10 is on the Base and the battery is over 15%). Two buttons on the W10 will flash rapidly during the Whole process.

How to restore to factory settings with Dreame W10?

If W10 still fails to operate normally after restarting, press and hold the reset button with a tool until hearing the voice prompt "start to restore factory settings.”

Product Introduction and User Guide

What are those buttons on the robot vacuum for, and how do I use it?

What is the Base button on the W10 for, and how do I use it?

How to connect Dreame W10 robot with Mi Home app?

Connect the robot with the Mi Home app and other devices to control the vacuum with your phone. Scan the QR code, download, and install Mi Home. Users who already installed the app will directly enter the connection page. You can also search Mi Home in the app store to download and install the app. Then, enter the home page of Mi Home, tap "+" on the upper right corner, and follow the instructions to add the device.

Tip: Due to different firmware versions of the app, the actual operation maybe slightly different from the above.

How to reset Wi-Fi with Dreame W10 robot?

When your phone fails to connect with the robot due to router configuration changes, forgetting password, or other reasons, open the top cover and observe the Wi-Fi indicator LED. Press and hold the Spot Clean button and Base button until hearing a voice prompts of "waiting for network configuration. ”When the Wi-Fi indicator starts to flash slowly again, which means the Wi-Fi has been successful reset.

How to use the Spot Clean function with Dreame W10 robot?

In standby mode, press the Base button to enter Local Clean way, where the robot will clean a square area with a side length of 1.5 meters centered on itself. After cleaning is finished, the robot will automatically return to the starting position and stop working.

How to use the Do-Not-Disturb mode with Dreame W10 robot?

DND mode is enabled by default from 10:00 pm to 08:00 am. You can disable or edit DND mode with the Mi Home app. W10 will stop cleaning and voice reporting during the DND period, and the power indicator is off.

How to use the Carpet Boost function when cleaning carpets with Dreame W10 robot?

Launch Mi Home APP, go to Settings - Device settings, and enable Carpet Boost, where W10 will automatically detect carpets and boost the suction power for optimal cleaning effect.

Tip: Carpet detection has a certain probability of wrong identification when using on low pile carpet.

How to use the scheduled clean-up feature with Dreame W10 robot?

Users can set the schedule clean-up via the APP.

Then, the robot vacuum will automatically start cleaning at the scheduled time and return to the charging base once the cleaning is finished.

How to save the complete Map with Dreame W10?

When the robot is charging on the Base, launch the Mi Home app, tap to start cleaning, and W10 will automatically learn about the surrounding environment and build up a complete map after several tasks. Please open all room doors during cleaning to keep the map consistent and complete

How to use the Advanced Map feature with Dreame W10 robot?

Launch the Mi Home app, tap to start cleaning, and W10 will automatically learn about the surroundings and begin building a complete map, where you can access Auto Zone, Area Editor, Zoned Cleanup, Designated Cleanup, Virtual Wall, and other functions.

How to save a map with Dreame W10 robot?

When the robot is charging on the Base, launch the Mi Home app, tap to start cleaning, and W10 will automatically learn about the surrounding environment and build up a complete map after several tasks. Please open all room doors during cleaning to keep the map consistent and complete.

How does Dreame W10 robot clean up the entire house?

When first started, the robot will clean along the edge of an area by 4*4m, then clean the inner part by S-shape path until covering this area. After the area is clean, it will clean all other areas in your house by the same principle. After the map has been generated, the robot will clean according to the rooms, by the order which edge cleaning first, then S-shape path cleaning until covering all rooms, it is an efficient way to prevent any missed areas. After cleaning, it will automatically return to the Base for charging.

Can Dreame W10 robot connect to the Base all the time? Is there overcharge protection?

Yes. The robot supports overcharging protection and will disconnect automatically once fully charged.

What is the size of Dreame W10?

The dimensions of Dreame W10 robot are 314*334*105.5mm, the dimensions of the self-cleaning base is 400*375*440mm.

How long does it take to charge Dreame W10 fully?

Around 6 hours.

What battery does the Dreame W10 use?

A 6400 mAh high-performance Li-Po battery pack.

Does Dreame W10 have a motor overload protection?

Yes. Dreame W10 has overload protection for all motors on board, including the suction module, main brush, side brush, and main driving wheel. Motor overload protection is on once the robot is severely clogged with debris or foreign matters.

Does Dreame W10 have any consumables that need to be replaced regularly?


What is the Dreame W10 Robot?

The Dreame W10 Robot is a smart mop self-cleaning Robot vacuum and cleaner, which could handle both the sweeping and mopping simultaneously. The Dual mop pads design could easily handle the cleaning task. And it could automatically return to the base for charging, washing and drying the mop pad after cleaning.

What does Dreame W10 feature?

Equipped with multiple high-precision motion sensors, vision positioning, and navigation algorithms, Dreame W10 could record movements and build maps accurately.

Highly adaptive to complicated home environments, the robot can detect and climb obstacles and return for charging automatically.

In terms of cleaning, it uses a front brush for sweeping and the rear dual mop pads design for mopping. With the 4Kpa suction power and self-cleaning ability, it makes the house cleaning more completely.

Powerful suction and intelligent water tank are designed for better cleaning performance. In addition, the cleaning map is viewable in the Mi Home app, allowing users to set cleaning time, switch operation modes, and clean the whole space with ease.

What is LDS laser navigation?

LDS laser navigation technology measures the relative position of the boundary and the robot vacuum by emitting the invisible laser and receiving reflected light. Based on this, the robot’s position in the map is determined, and a complete cleaning map is built.

The Dreame W10 is equipped with professional lidar sensors, which can scan up to 2,080 points per second with a scanning range of up to 8 m and an accuracy of 10 mm.

What is the advantage of the LDS laser navigation?

The LDS laser navigation is faster in creating the map and more precise in locating than the vSlam. It also supports more map operation options.