Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner FAQ


Dreame T30 is equipped with three suction modes: Eco (suction power: 17 AW), Med (suction power: 40 AW), and Turbo (suction power: 190 AW).

Main brush: Smart All-Surface Brush(EU, US, Australia , Soft roller brush (Chinese, Chinese Taiwan, Japan, Korea);

Accessory: Mini Motorized Brush,Crevice Nozzle,2-in-1 Brush, Extension Hose,Flexible Adapter, Soft dusting Brush;

○ Smart All-Surface Brush: for cleaning wood floor, marble, tile, and low pile carpets. Suction power is adjusted automatically subject to different types of surface in Med mode (the smart all-surface brush can also be connected directly to the main body for use).

○ Soft Roller Brush: for cleaning wood floor, marble, and other hard surfaces.

① Mini Motorized Brush: for cleaning dust and pet’s hair on the surface as well as dirt deep inside a mattress or sofa.

② Crevice Nozzle: for cleaning crevices such as corners of walls, doors, and windows.

③ 2-in-1 Brush: for cleaning dust on the surface of curtain, keyboard, ceiling, car seats and tables.

④ Extension Hose: for cleaning areas

Mainly made of ABS engineering plastics, the net weight of the T30 main body is 1.76 kg, the total net weight is 2.89 kg (Chinese, Chinese Taiwan, Japan, Korea), (With extension rod and soft roller brush), 2.87 kg (EU, US, Australia).
T30 is equipped with eight 2900mAh batteries.
The max suction of T30 is 190 AW with a vacuum degree of 27 KPa.
Powered by the Dreame High-Speed Motor, T30 reaches a max motor speed of up to 150000 rpm.


Approximately 4 hours. While charging, LED indicators will flash during charging and turn solid after fully charged where the circuit disconnects automatically.
Yes. After fully charged, the circuit will automatically disconnect to protect the vacuum from overcharging.
It is recommended to fully charge T30 before storing it in dry and cool places.If you are going to store it for a long time, we also recommend you to fully recharge it every 3 months to prevent the battery from over discharging.

① Check if the battery has already been fully charged.

② Check if the adapter is properly connected with the vacuum. If the LED indicator is still off, contact customerservice@dreame.com.au

If charging failure occur, please try the following steps for troubleshooting.

① Check if the power plug is properly inserted into the socket.

② Please make sure the socket is on. If not, please turn it on, if charging still fails, please contact customerservice@dreame.com.au.

③ Connect the adapter properly with the main body and check again. If charging

still fails, contact customerservice@dreame.com.au


Please refer to page 6 to page 8 of the user manual.
Please refer to page 15 to page 17 of the user manual.
Please refer to page 18 and page 19 of the user manual.

① Wash: It is recommended to wash the cyclone module, built-in foam and HEPA filter in every 3-4 month before replacing them with a new one.

② Dry: Make sure the HEPA filter and foam are fully dried for about 24 hours before installation and use.

(1) Clean the soft roller brush:

① Face the bottom of the roller brush up, pull the buckle back to detach the comb from the brush.

Tips: you can use a tool for levering.

② Use scissors to pick up hair or fibers wrapping on the comb and cut them off. Use dry cloth or paper to clean the dust on the compartment and plastic cover.

③ Rinse the comb if it gets too dirty to clean.

④ Put the comb vertically and make sure it is dry for at least 24 hours.

(2) Clean the all-surface brush:

① Toggle the lock counterclockwise to the stop position as illustrated and detach the comb from the roller brush.

② Use scissors to pick up the tangled hair and fibers from the comb and cut off. Wipe the dust inside the slot and cover plate with dry cloth or paper towel, and fully dry it before installation and use.

③ You can rinse the comb with water if it is too dirty to clean.

④ Place the comb vertically and dry for at least 24 hours before use.

Please refer to the error alert that is displayed on the screen and take corresponding measures.

① Air duct Clogged: check if the dust cup, extension rod, or roller brush mounting hold is clogged.

② Clean Comb: clean the fibers and hair tangled on the comb.

③ Battery Run Down: charge the vacuum as soon as possible.

④ Battery Overheating: wait for the battery to cool down before use.

⑤ Error: contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for repairing.

① Check if there is too much dust inside the dust cup. If yes, clean the dust cup.

② Check if the extension rod or main body adaptor is clogged. If yes, remove the foreign matters.

③ Check if the HEPA filter is clogged with dust. If yes, clean the HEPA filter.

④ If the airduct is not clogged at all, it may be caused by motor issues. Please contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for repairing.

④ Battery Overheating: wait for the battery to cool down before use.

⑤ Error: contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for repairing.

Check if the brush is clogged. If yes, remove the foreign matters; if not, contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for help.

In this case, please contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for help.

① Check if any part of the airduct is clogged. If yes, remove the foreign matters.

② Check if there is too much dust accumulated in the filter. If yes, clean the filter.

Check if the water tank switch is on. If it is on yet no water comes out from the water tank, contact customerservice@dreame.com.au for help.


① A vacuum can only be used to clean indoor dry surfaces;

② Do not use the vacuum to clean water, gasoline or any other flammable or explosive liquid. Do not use it to clean toxic solution, including bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner and other similar liquid;

③ Do not use the vacuum to clean plaster, fireplace, or ashes. Do not clean any smoky or burning substance, such as live charcoal, cigarette butts, or matchsticks. Do not clean sharp objects, such as glass, nails, screws, and coins, otherwise it will cause damage to the vacuum cleaner.