Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum FAQ


The line laser on the robot vacuum helps recognize its surroundings and obstacles, which then enables the vacuum to accurately avoid bumping and reduce the probability of entanglement, stuck and accidentally riding on small objects.

The function of obstacle avoidance is turned on by default. Users can change its status manually via settings on the APP.


Product Introduction and User Guide

A:Please refer to the table below

Function Operation
Power on/off Press and hold for 3 seconds to power on or off
Clean After powering on, press once to start cleaning
Status Indicator Solid white: cleaning in progress or cleaning finished
White Fast Flashes: pause
Orange Fast Flashes: error

Tip: The robot vacuum cannot be turned off during charging; Press any button to pause in the middle of cleaning, Spot Clean, or charging.

Please refer to the table below

Function Operation
Recharge Short press to start on or off
Status Indicator White Fast Flashes: on the way to charge at
Orange Flashes: on the way to charge at low
White Slow Flashes: charging at normal
Orange Slow Flashes: charging at low
Solid white: finished charging
normal battery level
battery level
battery level
battery level

Note: Press any button to pause while cleaning, Spot Clean, or charging.

Connect the robot with the Mi Home app and other device to control the vacuum with your phone.

Scan the QR code, download and install Mi Home. Users who already installed the app will directly enter the connection page. You can also search Mi Home in app store to download and install the app. Enter the home page of Mi Home, tap "+" on the upper right corner, and follow the instructions to add the device.

Tip: Due to different firmware versions of the app, actual operation may be slightly different from the above.

When your phone fails to connect with the robot due to router configuration changes, forgetting password or other reasons, open the top cover and observe the Wi-Fi indicator LED. Press and hold the Spot Clean button and Dock button until hearing a voice prompts of "waiting for network configuration". When the Wi-Fi indicator starts to flash slowly again, it means the Wi-Fi has been successful reset.

In standby mode, press the Spot Clean button to enter Local Clean mode, where the robot will clean a square area with a side length of 1.5 meters centered on itself.

After cleaning is finished, robot will automatically return to the starting position and stop working.

DND mode is enabled by default from 22:00 pm to 08:00 am, you can disable or edit DND mode with Mi Home app. During the DND period, L10 Pro will stop cleaning and voice reporting, and the power indicator is turn off.
Users can Scheduled cleanup function via the APP. The robot vacuum will automatically start cleaning at the scheduled time and return to the charging base once the cleaning is finished.

Launch Mi Home APP, go to Settings - Experimental Features and enable Carpet Boost, where L10 Pro will automatically detect carpets and boost the suction power for optimal cleaning effect.

Tip: This function could be probably insensitive while using on the undercoat carpet.

Launch the Mi Home app, tap to start cleaning, and L10 Pro will automatically learn about the surroundings and start building a full map, where you can access to Auto Zone, Area Editor, Zoned Cleanup, Designated Cleanup, Virtual Wall, and other functions.
When the robot is charging on the dock, launch the Mi Home app, tap to start cleaning, and L10 Pro will automatically learn about the surrounding environment and build up a full map after several tasks. Please open all room doors during cleaning to keep the map consistent and complete.

When first started, the robot will clean along the edge of an area by 4.5*4.5m, then clean the inner part by S-shape path until covering this area. After the area is clean, it will clean all other areas in your house by the same principle.

After the map has been generated, the robot will clean according to the rooms, by the order which edge cleaning first, then S-shape path cleaning until covering all rooms, it is efficient way to prevent any missed areas.

After cleaning, it will automatically return to the dock for charging.

Yes. The robot supports overcharging protection, and will disconnect automatically once fully charged.
The dimensions of Dreame Bot L10 Pro is 350*350*96.8 mm, with a height of 9.68 cm.
6 to 8 hours.
The robot vacuum can operate up to 150 minutes under the Standard Mode, which is about 250m^2 cleaning acreages. The actual result may vary due to different temperature and tasks.
A 5200mAh high performance Li-Po battery pack.

Yes. Dreame Bot
L10 Pro has overload protection for all motors on-board, including the suction module, main brush, side brush, and main driving wheel. Motor overload protection is on once the robot is severely clogged with debris or foreign matters.

Main brush                  It is recommended to clean every week                                         and replace the main brush every 6-12                                           months for a better cleaning result.

Filter                            It is recommended to clean every week                                        and replace the filter every 3-6 months

Side Brush                  It is recommended to clean every week                                          and replace the main brush every 3-6                                            months for a better cleaning result.

Mop                             Remove the mop after cleaning, in case                                         the sewage backfills the water tank and                                         clog the outlet; Dirty mop will affect the                                         mopping result. Please clean it before                                           use. It is recommended to replace the                                           mop every 3-6 months for a better                                                 cleaning result.

Installation and Maintenance

Place the dock against the wall on level floor, and keep a space of more than 0.5 meters on both sides of the dock. Connect the plug to a power socket. For a better app control experience, make sure the dock is connected to Wi-Fi.

Note: Do not place the dock in direct sunlight or block the identification area with any objects, otherwise the robot may fail to return automatically.

Press the power button and hold. When the indicator turns solid, Dreame D9 will automatically connect with the dock for charging

Note: Dreame L10 Pro may fail to power on in low battery. Please connect the robot with the dock manually.

(1)Install the mop: Wet the mop pad and wring it out until it stops dripping, insert it all the way along the slots of the water tank, and stick it firmly.

(2)Fill the water tank: Open the cover of the water tank, fill with water and close the cover.

(3)Align the mop module with the markings in the rear of the robot, keep the module level and push in until you hear a click sound, indicating it is properly installed.

(4)Start mopping: Press the power button once to start mopping.

Notes: Do not use the mop mode when no one is at home; Do not mop on carpets; Please use detergent carefully as it may clog the filter of the water tank. When charging or not in use, please remove the mop module, pour the remaining water and clean the mop to avoid mold or odor.

After L10 Pro returns to the dock after cleaning, press the buckles on both sides of the mop module, and pull back to remove the water tank.

Press the power button once to start cleaning. Press any button during cleaning to pause.

Note: Dreame Bot L10 Pro may fail to work when battery is too low. Please charge before use.

When the battery is insufficient in the middle of a cleaning task, Dreame Bot L10 Pro will automatically return to dock for charging, and return to the interrupted point to continue cleaning after charging.

Please tidy up all kinds of wires on the floor (including the power cable of the 11 dock) before cleaning to avoid power failure, items or wire damage caused by the robot during cleaning.

If cleaning is complete in less than 10 minutes, L10 Pro will cleaned twice by default.

After cleaning, L10 Pro will automatically return to the dock for charging, in pause status, press the dock button for charging, the buttons will flash slowly when charging. Power ≤ 15% is indicated by orange flashes, power > 15% is indicated by white flashes.

Tip: If the L10 Pro fails to return to dock, it will automatically return to the starting point of cleaning. Please manually put the robot back to the dock for charging.

1. Face the bottom of L10 Pro up, press the buckle to remove the main brush protector.

2. Take out the main brush by pulling upward and clean the bearing.

3. Remove the end cover at both sides of the main brush to clean the tangled hair.

4. Cut off the tangled hair on the main brush with the cleaning tool in the box.

5. Install the main brush and press the buckles to fix the protector.

Tip: It is recommended to clean the main brush every week and replace every 6-12 months for a better cleaning result.

(1)Open the upper cover of the robot, press the buckle to remove the dust bin;

(2)Open the bin cover marked with the arrow and remove the debris inside;

(3)Fill the dust bin with water, close the cover, shake the bin left and right, pour out, and repeat for several times;

Note: Wash the bin with water only. Do not add any detergent or clean the filter screen with finger or brush.

(4)Remove the filter screen as illustrated, spin off the water, dry the filter before installing it back to the bin for use.

Note: Ensure the filter is dried up (for at least 24 hours) before use

1. Turn the robot over and pull the wheels upward.

2. Clean the hair and dirt on the wheels and axles.

3. Re-install the wheels by pressing them firmly down.

Note: Wheels can be rinsed with running water. Make sure to dry up before use.

1. Turn over the robot, pull out the side brush and clean it up as shown below.

2. Re-install the side brush.

Tip: It is recommended to clean the side brush once a month and replace every 3-6 months for a better cleaning result.

1. Remove the mop pad from the module.

2. Wash and dry the mop.

Tip: It is recommended to clean up after each time after use. Remove the mop after cleaning, in case the sewage back fills the water tank and clog the outlet;

Dirty mop will affect the mopping result. Please clean it before use. It is recommended to replace the mop every 3-6 months for a better cleaning result.

Use soft dry cloth to wipe the parts, which includes:

1. Four cliff sensors at the bottom

2. The infrared deceleration sensor in the front

3. The electric pole at the bottom

4. Motion tracking sensor at the bottom

The Dreame Bot L10 Pro is powered by a built-in high-performance Li-Po rechargeable battery pack. In order to maintain battery performance, please keep the robot charged for daily use.

Tip: If you do not use it for a long time, make sure it is powered off before storage, and charge it at least once every three months to avoid damage caused by battery over-discharge.

It can be done by Mi Home APP(please make sure the L10 Pro is on the charging dock, and at the same time, the power of the battery is over 15%).

3 buttons on the L10 Pro will flashing rapidly during the Whole upgrading process.

If L10 Pro still fails to operate normally after restarting, press and hold the reset button with a tool until hearing the voice prompt "start to restore factory settings".

Common APP problems

Too many data need to be downloaded when L10 Pro leave the dock and start the orientation.

Please check the network of the router.

Log out the APP and then login again.

It may be caused by placing it in places where has not been swept, please move it to places where it had been swept earlier.
We could divide or merge the map manually inside of the APP.

Make sure the remaining battery of L10 Pro is over 15% before updating.

Check network connection.

Common software problems

p>1. Try to restart the robot vacuum

2. We suggest opening all the doors and cleaning up the floor before using the robot vacuum for the first time to make sure it can map accurately. If there is a door left closed while the robot vacuum is mapping, it will automatically update the map and add the new space into the map next time while it enters the space.

3. Please do not follow or let your pet follow the robot vacuum while it is working since it will affect its mapping and obstacle avoiding accuracy.

4. To ensure the cleaning coverage, the robot vacuum will clean each section including all the corners. More complex environment will increase the turning and outlining movement of the robot vacuum, which may cause the reduce of cleaning efficiency.

L10 Pro may get stuck when it tries to clean a narrow space, for example, the bottom of a closet which is close to its height. Magnetic stripes are provided to help set a 1 virtual wall, or you can block the narrow space with an obstacle to prevent L10 Pro from entering.

1. The robot vacuum might be trapped by narrow area such as corners or bottoms of low furniture. If the gap is smaller than 37cm, it is hard for the robot vacuum to get out. In such cases, users can manually move the robot out to continue cleaning.

2. If the robot vacuum gets stuck by slippers, plastic bags or other small items in home, please try to place the vacuum to where it was trapped after manually solving the stuck in order to improve cleaning efficiency.

3. We suggest setting virtual walls or restricted area around space that the robot vacuum easily gets stuck. Another way to improve is to clean up items on the floor before cleaning.

1. Please make sure if the robot vacuum is working in Zoned Cleanup mode. If it is, please move any obstacle that is on the way of the vacuum moving to the designated area.

2. Please remove any obstacle on the way or open the door for the robot vacuum in order for it to clean properly.

One: The map is distorted or overlapped

1. Make sure the map is saved successfully, which means the parted sections are shown in the map and the area cleaning can work properly.

2. Turn off the power and restart the robot vacuum. Then manually place the robot vacuum to the charging base and try to restore the map. If the restoration fails, replace the charging base position and redo the mapping.


1. Properly place the charging base against the wall by making sure the open space besides the base should be at least 0.5m and there is no obstacles 1m from the front of the base.

2. While the robot vacuum is working, please do not manually move the machine.

3. Strong light or highly reflective situation might cause the malfunction of the mapping. We recommend closing the curtain or finding another time when the light is not so strong to clean.

For highly reflective surfaces, it’s better to cover 15cm from the bottom of the surface while cleaning.

4. Users can reset the mapping and the robot will remap during its next cleaning.

5. Regularly check and clean the navigation sensors with soft cloth or tissue.

1. Obstacle avoidance route: If the user walks or move objects in front of the robot vacuum while it is working, the machine will reroute to avoid bumping.

2. Staircase obstacle avoidance: If the robot vacuum encounters high staircase, vertical gaps

or tracks of slide door, its route may be disordered. We recommend building a slope for the robot vacuum or setting virtual walls in such situations.

3. Inclined and overlapping in the map: Make sure the mapping matches the home plan. Reset if the mapping area is inclined or enlarged and the robot vacuum will remap during its next cleaning.

4. Slipping: If the robot vacuum has difficulty going forward, slipping on itself or the route is discontinuous, please wipe the driving wheel and lower the water level before next cleaning.

1. The environment recognition of the robot vacuum helps gather information of its surroundings and automatically draws up the map or restores the previous map.

2. The map will be saved automatically once the robot vacuum finished cleaning and returned to the charging base. Please do not manually move the robot vacuum while it is at work to make sure the mapping is undisturbed.

1. During the initial mapping, the robot vacuum will start with outlining the 4.5m by 4.5m square and then cleaning in a Z-shape route in the middle to cover the whole space.

2. After the initial mapping is done, the robot vacuum will clean by rooms. If the situation described in the question happens, please check if there is any mistake in the partition and adjust accordingly on the APP.

1. There are too many obstacles next to the charging base. Please place the charging base in an open space and make sure there are at least 0.5m empty space on both sides of the base and 1.5m clear space in front of the base.

2. The vacuum robot doesn’t start the cleaning from the charging base and fails to find the base during the cleaning. Please try to make sure that the robot vacuum starts cleaning from the charging base.

3. The user moves the robot vacuum manually during the cleaning and disrupt the robot vacuum from locating the charging base.

4. Check if the film on the charging base is removed. If not, remove the film and restart the cleaning.

1. Make sure if the APP is updated to the latest version. We suggest keeping the APP updated to ensure better cleaning experience.

2. Please check if there are any obstacles in the circling zone. The robot vacuum may circle itself after avoiding obstacles.

Set restricted area around the carpet via the APP and the robot vacuum will avoid the carpet while cleaning.
Dreame Bot L10 Pro will follow the most effective cleaning path to clean your home. It may look repetitive when the robot navigates itself from the cleaned area to an uncleaned one, but it is not repeating the work.
Press the Power/Clean button and hold for 6 seconds to restart.
It might be caused by low battery level. The scheduled clean only works when the battery level is greater than 15%.

1. Check if the scheduled clean is turned on

2. The robot vacuum may retreat from and reconnect to the charging base due to accidental manual contact that causes the electric pole disconnection.

3. Please check if the cable of the charging base is connected properly. If it is loose, the base will fail to provide power to the robot vacuum and cause it to retreat and try to find new power source.

4. If the control of the robot vacuum is shared with others, make sure others are not operating it at the same time.

Make sure the L10 Pro is not working in DND period. If you actively command it to return or manually move it back to the dock, L10 Pro will not resume cleaning either.

Common hardware problems

The robot vacuum is equipped with a row of combing gears that helps reduce hair entanglement and lower maintenance frequency. However, for heavy tasks where a lot of hair is involved, the robot vacuum might still get tangled and need to be cleaned manually.

The main brush is removable from both sides. The small cleaning tool equipped within also helps to clean up the hair. We also recommend regularly check and clean the main brush for better cleaning experience.

While the robot vacuum is cleaning, the side brushes and the main brush might tangle cables on the floor. The main brush is removable from both ends, which makes it easier to clean up the entanglement. We also recommend regularly check and clean the main brush for better cleaning experience.

After cleaning up the entanglement, please try to place the robot vacuum at where it has cleaned to continue the task.

Please try leave enough blank space for the robot vacuum to reduce entanglement and work properly.

You can tap on the LDS cover and place the robot vacuum back to the charging base to restart.

Please check if there are any small foreign objects that are stuck under the cover of the laser radar on top of the robot vacuum. If so, please remove the foreign object.

1. Please check if the hardware version is updated to the latest version. If not, update the hardware and operate the robot vacuum again to see if the problem is solved.

2. If the hardware is updated to the latest version and the problem is still not solved, please try the following steps:

Gently shake the LDS laser sensor units

Move the robot vacuum to the charging base and restart.

If all of the above still don’t solve the problem, please contact customerservice@dreame.com.au.

The robot vacuum can cross up to 2cm of height

1. Carrying a water tank will reduce the performance of obstacles crossing. Meanwhile, if the obstacle creates a vertical gap or the slide door track suspends the robot vacuum, we recommend building a slope or setting virtual walls.

2. While the robot vacuum is working, the oil in the kitchen or the water in the bathroom may stick to the wheels and cause slipping, which impacts the obstacle crossing ability of the robot vacuum. Please make sure the wheels are clean before crossing any obstacles.

3. Horizontal rods on the floor of certain furniture such as chairs and tables will incline and suspend the robot vacuum, which cause the failure of crossing the obstacle. We recommend setting restricted area or virtual wall before cleaning.

As a cleaning appliance, certain noise is unavoidable in order to achieve good cleaning results. However, we have made great technical efforts to reduce the noise. If you still find the robot vacuum loud, please try the following options: adjust to quiet cleaning mode via the APP or schedule clean in the period when the house is empty.

1. Make sure if the roller is tangled with foreign objects. If it is, please remove the foreign object immediately in order to avoid any damage to the roller.

2. While the robot vacuum is working on smooth ceramic surface or wooden floor, the bottom strip might tap the surface and produce slight noise. When the robot vacuum crosses the floor joints, it contacts the joints and may generate slight tapping noise, which does not affect the normal application of the machine.

1. The robot vacuum is used for daily home cleaning. For stubborn stains, users may need to manually assist the robot vacuum to finish the task.

2. Try to increase the water level in the water tank before mopping.

3. We recommend washing the mopping cloth every 1 hour while cleaning to achieve better results.

4. Specialized detergent containing rich surfactant is available to purchase in Dreame official store, which can be used with the robot vacuum to optimize the cleaning.

Users can adjust the water level based on the types of cleaning. If the water level is at its maximum, water stains might be left on the floor.
Please clean the charging interface of the dock and the robot if there is any dust on it, as dust may result in charging failure.
Check if the water tank is filled with enough water. Install the mopping pad properly and wash the mopping pad regularly. Meanwhile, make sure to wet the mopping pad before the cleaning.
Check if the water tank is filled with enough water. Install the mopping pad properly and wash the mopping pad regularly. Meanwhile, make sure to wet the mopping pad before the cleaning.

Please check whether the dock and the charging pad of the L10 Pro are stained with dust.

L10 Pro will repeat docking in this situation. Please wipe off the dust before use.

If the water tank is not installed properly, it might fall while working. Make sure you hear a sound of click on both sides of the water tank while installing it to the robot vacuum.

A successfully installed water tank couldn’t be pulled off by hand.

Clean the dust compartment if it is full; Clean the filter clogged with dust;

Clean the main brush if it is tangled with foreign matters.